ISSUE: Should Florida’s cosmetology industry be deregulated.

DISCUSSION: There are almost 100,000 cosmetologists currently licensed and active in Florida, and close to 20,000 salons. Florida’s beauty industry is alive and well, and the continued regulation of this industry is in the best interests of both consumers and cosmetology service providers.

It’s not just about looking good. The men and women of Florida’s beauty industry receive extensive training and adhere to strict sanitation policies to insure the health, safety and welfare of their clients. The regulations and requirements in place ensure that Florida’s cosmetology industry keeps Floridians looking good and feeling good.

POSITION: The Florida Retail Federation does not support deregulation of the cosmetology industry. However, there are always opportunities to streamline and seek greater efficiency in regulation, and we would support such measures.

UPDATE: House Bill 7047 and Senate Bill 802 have been proposed in the 2017 legislative session. These bills will significantly reduce the required hours for barbering and cosmetology specialty licenses. Florida’s required education hours are already amongst the lowest. Further reductions are not good for students, businesses, or clients. The Beauty Industry Council is working to educate policymakers on the importance of these education hours and change the course of these bills. We will be sending calls to action to our membership to ask for your help in getting our message out.

Key Points About the Deregulation of Professions and Occupations Cosmetology and Barbering

  • Florida’s hours for barbering and cosmetology specialty licenses are already some of the lowest in the country. Further reductions will compromise the safety of Florida citizens and the success of Florida students and business owners.
  • The reduction to the restricted barbering hours will cause those students to be ineligible for federal aid. The reduction to the full barbering license will leave instructors with insufficient time to teach students the necessary skills on which they can build their careers.
  • Regarding the Esthetic Industry, Florida is currently 58% BELOW the National Average of 620 required hours. To reduce to 165 hours would be an additional 37% reduction. This reduction will put our students behind their industry colleagues.
  • Estheticians are increasingly more present in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery medical practices. Even at the present number of hours, schools are having significant difficulty placing students without providing additional training over and above the required hours. To cut the hours further will threaten the ability of these students to achieve solid career placement.
  • Cutting hours will not create jobs. It will grant licenses to students and push them out into the marketplace without adequate skills and knowledge on which to build a thriving career. We would not lower the standards in other professions or areas of study and applaud our ability to have more people achieve that lower standard. We should not do that in regards to this profession.
  • This will place the burden of training and the risk of client safety on the backs of our business owners. They will assume the cost of providing the training necessary to supplement the insufficient training the students will receive in school. It will also place the risk on the business owner if they hire someone who lacks the skill and training to safely and competently provide service to clients.

Download a PDF of these Key Points here.