Q: Does BIC pass laws that help protect the beauty industry?

A: Every year there are changes in Florida law that can affect your day-to-day business. The Beauty Industry Council staff works in the state capitol to defend your interests and make sure you aren’t harmed by new taxes or regulations. We are the voice of the beauty industry in Florida, working year-round to help you keep your business strong and profitable. The Beauty Industry Council maintains an office in Tallahassee to defend your interests in the Florida Legislature. That means you have a direct link to the lawmaking process.

Through your BIC membership, you can get involved. Every year, 120 elected members of the Florida House of Representatives and 40 elected members of the Florida Senate meet in Tallahassee to make laws. Don’t settle for sitting on the sidelines and reading the paper to find out what politicians are doing to our industry.

The Council represents all sectors of the cosmetology industry, including schools, salons, manufacturers and distributors. The purpose of the Council is to advocate for and advance the interests of the beauty industry, so a portion of your dues will go to maintaining a dedicated team of lobbyists in Tallahassee.

Members of the Council receive experienced representation and effective intervention in front of the legislature and regulatory agencies.

Q: What laws are BIC working on?

A: Here are just a few of the issues we are engaged in:

  • Fair and balanced industry regulations, including a requirement for consistent inspections across all business models.
  • Strong standards of professional regulation, particularly cosmetology regulation, to protect the high standards of our industry.
  • Improving standards for cosmetology education programs and coursework requirements.
  • Ensuring tax/tip credit laws treat the beauty industry fairly.
  • Representing the industry at the federal level on “gainful employment” regulations for student aid.

CLICK HERE for more details on the 2012 legislative issues BIC is addressing on your behalf.