ISSUE: Should Florida consider changes to its cosmetology regulations to ensure equitable enforcement across all business models.

DISCUSSION: Currently, salons in Florida operate under one of two business models. In the first model, a salon is staffed by salaried cosmetologists, who are employees of the salon. In the second model, cosmetologists operate as independent contractors in relation to the salon in which they serve clients. Both are thriving business models within Florida. But, they are not treated equally under existing regulations, and this leaves employer salons at a distinct disadvantage. It also leaves consumers at risk.
We support equitable regulation across all cosmetology business models. This will ensure that the same safety inspections will take place across all models, which is imperative for the safety of clients. It will also ensure that all service providers are complying with the state’s tax and occupational licensing laws. There should be no unfair competitive advantage gained through circumventing lawful regulation.

POSITION: Florida Retail Federation supports the equitable enforcement of cosmetology regulations across all business models. Ultimately, it is Florida’s consumers who are best served by a level playing field.