Mantra Hair Salon

Ginger and David Laurie founded Mantra Hair Salon in Jacksonville Beach in 2009. Backed by Ginger’s more than 25 years of experience as a second-generation hair stylist, David’s extensive corporate and sales background, and their true passion for the beauty industry, the Lauries are creating dynamic results. Growing from the original four chairs and one additional stylist to its current 14 chairs with 21 team members, the couple is embarking on the salon’s third expansion to 20 chairs. David attributes their success, in part, to their desire to see their employees succeed and to building their business slowly to minimize debt.

“Ginger and I created Mantra with the idea that our customers are our employees," says David. "We believe that if we take care of them as our priority, they will in turn take care of their customers."

Their slogan, or Mantra, “Live Beautifully,” is a perfect fit for the industry. Their reputation for excellence in hair color and color repair is a testament to their team’s focus and passion.

"Our brand is that of continuing education," says David. "We have dedicated ourselves toward creating the most educated and talented stylists in the city, investing tens of thousands of dollars a year making sure our crew is one of the best in the industry.” The Lauries have been members of FRF’s Beauty Industry Council (BIC) since it was created in 2012. David notes that the council is the best thing to happen to Florida’s beauty industry.

“To know that we have a voice in the very challenging world of politics creates a better work environment for our industry and confidence that our livelihood is secure,” says David. "I can’t imagine working everyday with ignorance hoping we don’t lose our rights. BIC is the anti-malware for the industry.”